Mexican bishops “will not let their guard down” concerning abortion pill

The Mexican Bishops Conference will continue to inform the faithful about the abortifacient effects of the morning after pill despite the efforts of ant-life forces to “silence its voice.”

Bishop Guillermo Ortiz Mondragón, President of the Bishops’ Social Communications Committee, commented during a press conference that the Catholic Church “will not let her guard down” and that priests in shrines and parishes across the country will continue to educate the faithful about the dangerous use of the so-called emergency contraceptives.

Bishop Ortiz condemned all attacks on human life, and he said that whoever uses the pill opens the door to abortion.   He called on the Mexican president and on lawmakers to heed the voice of conscience and “not to fall into the promotion of this pill.”

He also emphasized that the Catholic Church will continue providing information so that people will make better decisions and will assume a greater responsibility.

Meanwhile the Bishops’ Committee on the Family released a statement recalling that “abortion is a gravely illicit act no matter how it is carried out, as it is an attack upon the life of the most innocent of human beings.”

Responding to the announcement that the morning after pill will be included in the government’s official family planning services, the Committee said the pill is a “combination of hormones that can prevent the implantation of a fertilized ovum or embryo in the wall of the uterus, resulting in an abortion and preventing the embryo from continuing its development.”

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