Bishops say Argentinean government should enforce Constitution and oppose abortion

The Bishops Conference of Argentina has published a document calling attention to the protection the country’s Constitution grants to the unborn, saying all Argentineans are obligated to respect the founding document and demand that the government enforce it and not allow the legalization of abortion.  Amidst the controversy surrounding the nomination to the Supreme Court of Carmen Arigbay, a self-proclaimed militant atheist and abortion supporter, the bishops said that “to propose the eventual legalization of abortion contradicts the spirit and letter of the Constitution and the sense of the vast majority of our people who believe life to be a gift from God entrusted to the care of all.”

In the statement, the bishops state, “We need laws that promote life,” adding that “laws should care for and defend life, the first of all human rights—inalienable and irrevocable—and its ‘sanctuary’, which is the family.”

“Therefore those who are responsible for legislation should carry out their duty with serene analysis, openness to the truth, and respect for the common good of society, conscience moreover of the educational value that laws have.  A just law is ennobling and promotes society.  We reiterate this as we are concerned about the existence of proposals that would seek to legalize the horrendous crime of abortion,” they added.

Likewise the bishops insist that “respecting the National Constitution is the duty of all Argentineans.  Its enforcement is a function the State cannot delegate to others and must be guaranteed by the Judicial Powers.”

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