National media mistreating Mexican bishops for their pro-life stance, says Archdiocese of Mexico

The Archdiocese of Mexico’s weekly newspaper is denouncing the national media’s mistreatment of the Mexican bishops for their defense of the unborn and their opposition to abortifacient drugs.

The newspaper slammed the radio, television and print coverage which condemns the position of the bishops and “treats us as reactionary and inflexible.”

“Its enough to look at the newspapers of recent days to see the hatred with which the firm and courageous position of the bishops is discredited, enough to look at the political cartoons to see that when there is a lack of artistic creativity, vulgarity and offensiveness take its place,” said the Archdiocese.

Moreover, the newspaper lamented the use of the word “democracy” to justify destructive attitudes, which far from building a better society, seem to destroy it.

The editorial says that destructive criticism seems today to be synonymous with intelligence and wisdom, as in the case of the opposition of the Catholic Church to the approval of the so-called “morning-after pill.”

Referring to this, the Vice President of the Mexican Bishops Conference, Bishop Alberto Suárez Inda, said the mission of defending life in world dominated by the “culture of death” has never been easy, but he assured that “out of conviction and fidelity to the commandments of God, the bishops denounce whatever is immoral.”

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