An international pro-life network is organizing a worldwide prayer campaign to combat the looming abortion industry in Latin America.
Alliance for the Family in Washington, and its Latin American branch, Alianza Latinoamericana para la Familia, issued the appeal Monday.
Abortion is generally prohibited in all Latin American countries, except for Cuba. However, these countries’ legal systems have been systematically under attack by strong internationally supported abortion groups in the past few decades. Their latest strategy, similar to that of U.S. pro-abortionists in Roe v. Wade, is to try to throw out pro-life laws through the courts.
Until now, virtually all legislative attempts to eliminate or weaken these laws have been defeated. But pro-abortionists in Colombia have brought a case to that country’s Constitutional Court, where they believe they have enough support among the judiciary to declare unconstitutional parts of Colombia’s laws prohibiting abortion. The court is now in the final stages of issuing a decision.
Colombian pro-life leaders are appealing for solidarity and asking for prayers worldwide to ask God to save Colombia from pro-abortion laws and its effects.
The court decision is expected to impact all of Latin America in its ability to turn the tide on the issue. “The future, not only of Colombia, but of all of Latin America is at stake,” Cardinal Pedro Rubiano of Bogota has said.
The prayer follows:
Divine Infant Jesus, we pray for Colombia and her people so that the lies of the “culture of death” will be rejected, and so that the political system and the courts will instead affirm the preciousness of all human life from conception/fertilization to natural death.  Grant vision to the Constitutional Court judges to see the value of each human life as God does. Help them to see the destruction that will come if they legalize or in any way facilitate abortion. Grant that they not repeat the grave mistakes of the so-called “developed” countries.
Divine Infant Jesus, through the intercession of Our Most Blessed Mother, we pray that families and society throughout Latin America and the whole world would welcome each child, because in welcoming the child, we welcome you. Help us all to live according to your plan for life and love, and thereby develop a real culture of life.