Pakistan screened its first-ever Catholic film this week. It “is a historical moment, not only for the Archdiocese of Karachi but for the whole of Pakistan; it is also a start of a new chapter of our history", said Archbishop Evarist Pinto.

The archbishop of Karachi was speaking to 450 guests at the premier of Muhjza [Miracle], held in St. Paul Parish in Mehmudabad, Karachi.

“The aim of Muhjza is to evangelize through the media and it is the first attempt, not only in this diocese but in the whole country,” he said. “The message is simple yet very profound.”

The 40-minute made-for-television movie is about two Catholic parents, who have problems with their two children. They succeed at opening a channel of dialogue through prayer and fasting, thus resolving the situation. Some private television stations have shown interest in showing the film “later on,” reported AsiaNews.

The project was realized thanks to the efforts of a diocesan priest, Fr. Arthur Charles.

“We feel we are a step closer to our dream to have a Catholic TV channel and radio station,” he said, according to AsiaNews. The priest has already named the two media Good News TV and FM 777.

Fr. Charles says he continues to work with “Muslim brothers and sisters” towards setting up the Catholic television and radio station.

“We are working on this, although we clearly need a long time. The only sure thing is that it will not be a channel for Catholics alone: it must be for all,” he said.