Democrats For Life of America commended the South Dakota legislature for recently approving a bill that will prohibit abortion in the state, noting that the vote from pro-life Democrats was critical to the ultimate passage of the bill.

“Pro-life Democrats in South Dakota saved the day on this bill,” said Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats For Life, in a May 11 press release. “There were just as many Democrats who voted for this legislation as there were Republicans voting against it. So when it comes to protecting the unborn, pro-life Democrats stepped in and gave the voiceless, a voice in South Dakota.”

The groundbreaking legislation passed both chambers of the South Dakota legislature. Pro-life Democratic Senator Julie Bartling introduced the legislation in the Senate. One-third of House Democrats, including three women, sponsored the House version.

This bill builds on successive laws that discouraged abortion. Most recently, in 2005, the South Dakota legislature passed a law requiring doctors to provide accurate information about the possible emotional and physical side effects of abortion, including statistics that show there are higher suicide rates among post-abortive women, as well as the legal and financial responsibilities of the father.

Democrats For Life of America was founded in 1999 to elect pro-life Democrats, support pro-life elected officials, promote a pro-life plank in the Democratic Party platform and achieve legislation that fosters respect for human life.

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