Vatican denies alleged “scandal” of official and announces it will take legal action

The Press office of the Vatican released a strong message this Sunday Morning, strongly denying charges of a scandal, in which a Priest, part of the Vatican Secretary of State would be involved.

Some Italian newspapers made their headlines on Saturday, alleging that a “monsignor,”-not a bishop- had been caught by the police, as he was on his way to commit some sexual misdeed with another adult.

According to this story, denounced as false by the Vatican, the official would have tried to escape in his vehicle, injuring two or three persons, and running into the policemen that caught him.

“Having investigated the case at the Secretary of State-the press release continues- the Press Office is now in the position to affirm that the news that spread this morning through the newspapers on the Vatican priest has no foundation.”

“It is foreseeable that it will take legal action against those who have contributed to defame a number of Vatican officials,” the declaration concludes.

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