The bishops of Mexico have called for a week of prayer for national reconciliation to be held July 31-August 6, amidst the tensions surrounding the results of the recent presidential elections.

In a statement this week, the bishops explained, “Beyond ideological differences, we share a common history, values, and destiny that are now in jeopardy in this process. While every family has its legitimate differences and divergences, there is no place for hatred and much less for violence, which is always reprehensible and futile.”

“The Catholic Church calls on all men and women of good will to respect the law and work for reconciliation, dialogue, and understanding.  [The Church] also makes an urgent call for calm, tolerance, and moderation; demands that authorities act with truth and justice; and calls on the police force to act with maturity, generosity, and honesty,” the bishops stated.

They noted that while all Mexicans would have liked to have known the final results of the election by now, the razor-thin margin between the two presidential candidates, “has led to challenges and reservations that have profoundly impacted the institutions considered by all to be the support and guarantor of our new democracy.”

“The counting of votes has ended, but the legal certification has yet to occur,” the bishops continued. “Only then will we have a president-elect.  This task falls on the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary, which must issue its decisions on the basis of the law.  Fortunately for our society, this entity enjoys a well-deserved reputation of impartiality and autonomy which allows us to await its verdict with confidence.”