While the majority of Christians in California support parental notification legislation, California voters in general are split on a measure that would require parents of minors to be notified before their daughters have an abortion.

A new Field Poll, conducted between July 10th and 23rd, indicates that 57 percent of Protestants and 52 percent of Catholics in the west coast state support a parental notification bill.

Overall, however, 45 percent of Californians are opposed to it and 44 percent would vote for the measure. Non-Christians and people who claimed no religious affiliation opposed the measure 61 percent and 69 percent respectively.

Parental notification had stronger support among Republican voters (67 percent) compared with Democratic voters (28 percent).

The issue was already presented at the polls last year as Proposition 73. It was narrowly defeated, 53 percent to 47 percent. A parental notification bill is expected appear at the polls again this year as Proposition 85, but the wording will be changed, eliminating a definition of abortion, reported LifeNews.com.

There is also a big gender divide on this issue, with 53 percent of men backing the measure compared with only 36 percent of women.

Organizers believe the measure will fare better in a normal election year, reported LifeNews. But Mark DiCamillo, director of the Field Poll, does not expect any significant changes at the polls.

"Voters voted a certain way last year, and they tend to feel the same way now," DiCamillo told the San Francisco Chronicle. "That measure remained close throughout. People have come to terms with the issue and haven't changed their opinions," he was quoted as saying.