A new feature-length movie about the apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe in 1531 is set to debut on December 8th, in theaters across Mexico.

The movie is set in current-day Mexico and presents the story of brother and sister, Jose Maria and Mercedes, both scientists who have dedicated their lives to archeology and history and decide to investigate the case of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Motivated by their curiosity and by the difficult situation they are experiencing in their lives, they discover something during their research that changes their lives forever.

Directed by Santiago Parra, the film was shot on location in Spain and Mexico, with collaboration from the Institute for Guadalupan Studies in order avoid any historical and religious errors.  “I must confess that it is a carefully packaged story that has been supervised by important clergymen in Mexico,” Parra said.

“Guadalupe” stars Spanish actors Aleix Albareda and Ivana Miño, and Mexican actors Fabian Robles, Angelica Aragon, Pedro Armendariz, Jose Carlos Ruiz, and Eric del Castillo.
According to Parra, the film offers “a different perspective, as it addresses not only the apparitions but above all what is behind them.  The stars of film begin to discover through science that the Virgin Mary is telling us to live in harmony and peace, to have faith and hope.”

Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera of Mexico City has endorsed the movie and said, “It puts the discovery of the numerous unknown aspects of Holy Mary of Guadalupe within reach of the public.”

To see the trailer and to learn more about the film visit www.guadalupelapelicula.com