3-11 is repeated on daily basis in Spain through abortion, pro-lifers say

Spain “re-lives the effects of 3-11 every day because of abortion, which causes daily the deaths of 200 unborn human beings,” said Professor Jose Perez Adan, on the occasion of the world “Day of the Unborn Child.”

According to Perez, professor of Sociology at the University of Valencia, something similar occurs in the United States, where “the victims of abortion reached 4,000 per day, surpassing the number of victims killed on 9-11 in that country.”

“We should speak about these victims and remember them because if we forget then more violence against the unborn could occur,” he said in statements to the AVAN news agency.

Defending the embryo

On the occasion of the Day of the Unborn Child, Justo Aznar, head of the Biopathology Clinic of La Fe Hospital in Valencia and president of the group Provida Valencia, said, “The dignity of the embryo, as a human being, must be defended against those who would define it as a simple mass of cells to used and manipulated without any responsible ethics.”

“In the first living cell after conception, the zygote, the entire genetic material is present from the very first moment as well as all the necessary information for the human being to develop at each stage,” said Aznar, adding, “The embryo is a perfectly organized biological structure which is alive from the moment of conception.”

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