Bishop Cristian Claro of Puerto Montt, Chile, criticized this week the decision of the Chilean government to distribute the morning after pill, and he proposed that those who do not want to have their child should give her up to institutions or families willing to care for her and love her.

The bishop underscored that women who are pregnant, even because of rape or incest, would be committing a grave error if they took the abortion pill.  “To take the pill is an act of injustice and violence, because it is an attack on an innocent human bieng,” he said in an interview with a Chilean radio station.

Bishop Caro said women should give their unwanted babies up for adoption rather than taking the pill.  “Give that child to an institution willing to care for her, but do not collaborate in putting her to death,” said the bishop, adding that the Catholic Church operates several organziations that are able to take care of the newborn.