Abortion is new form of terrorism: Spanish foundation backs statements by Archbishop Amato

Archbishop Angelo Amato
Archbishop Angelo Amato

.- In response to the legalization of abortion by the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City, the Life Foundation in Spain said it agrees with statements recently made by the secretary for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Archbishop Angelo Amato, who called abortion “terrorism with a human face.”

In a press release, the foundation said that anyone who has seen what abortion does to a human being knows that “to call this act terrorism is not an exaggeration.”

“In 2005, there were a total of 91,644 abortions [in Spain], according to data from the Ministry of Health, which translates into 10.46 abortions per hour.  Given the increase in abortions in Spain since its legalization, it is foreseeable that the number of abortions per hour is higher every day,” the foundation explained.

After describing the current situation in Spain, the foundation underscored that there is good news in other parts of the world, noting especially the recent Supreme Court ruling in the US that upheld the ban on partial birth abortion.

“This type of abortion had been taking place since 1973, when lawyers Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee obtained the legalization of abortion in the United States. That was the ‘Roe vs. Wade’ case.  Norma McCorvey (‘Jane Roe’) was not raped as her lawyers claimed.  But she was used to get an unjust law passed in a free country.  Her daughter was eventually born, and Norma, who has repented of her collaboration in the case, now travels across America untiringly calling for the legalization of abortion to be repealed,” the statement indicated.

The Life Foundation pointed out that there are more and more women in Spain who regret having abortions and are demanding public institutions provide support for pregnant women.  “Many are beginning to share their stories with others,” the foundation said.

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