After more than 20 years, Cuban dissidents still looking for freedom

.- The Christian Liberation Movement denounced this week that Communist totalitarianism has never “had such international cynic complicity” as now and that neither persecutions nor threats will intimidate Cubans, because love of the truth is what strengthens their choice for a free Cuba.
In a message marking its 21st anniversary, the Movement said the more that inequality exists on the island, the more harm is done to Cuba’s people and culture. “But at the same time, the greater our faith is within us and the more we are moved by love for our people, the more determined we are in our choice for freedom.”
The Movement reiterated that an “oppressive system” exists in Cuba in which Cubans are forced to “participate in the theater of lies, deception and adaptation in order to survive.” The citizens of Cuba must either “struggle for their daily bread in fear or under persecution,” or leave the country and separate themselves from their families, the Movement said.
The source of freedom is not the government, but rather, comes from God, the organization said. God is the “source of all rights and of “man’s inspiration for freedom” which cannot be erased, the Movement asserted. “For this reason, our hope is reborn.”
The Movement underscored the importance of the Varela Project, which is taking on new life in the country, because “We Cubans have a right to have rights.”
The changes Cubans are asking for “can be nothing less than freedom, rights, reconciliation and justice.  This is the path of peace. This is liberation,” the Movement said.
“For this freedom, for these rights for all and for nothing else are many of our brethren from the Movement and other Cubans in prison.  Do not forget them,” the statement said.

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