Archbishop calls on Mexicans to prepare for fourth National Eucharistic Congress

.- Archbishop Alberto Suarez Inda of Morelia has invited Mexicans to prepare well for the upcoming 4th National Eucharistic Congress to be celebrated in the archdiocese April 30-May 4, with the theme, “Jesus Christ Eucharist, Gift of the Father and Life for our families.”
“The main thing is to prepare ourselves and our communities,” the archbishop said.  “We all can and should be in tune with this grace-filled event and intensely live its fruits.”
According to the Fides news agency, Archbishop Suarez called on contemplative monasteries to offer their prayers and he invited all diocesan movements and Eucharistic associations to enthusiastically participate.
The congress will include talks on the history of Eucharistic devotion in Mexico, the Eucharist as gift of the Father, the Eucharist as the source of life in the Spirit, and others.
Also featured at the congress will be an expo of sacred art at the Cathedral, which will feature artwork related to the Eucharist.
The first National Eucharistic Congress took place in Guadalajara in 1906, the second in Mexico City in 1924 and the third also in Mexico City in 2000.  Organizers said Eucharistic congress will be held in the country every four years.
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