Archdiocese faults political party for attacks against Cardinal Rivera


The Archdiocese of Mexico’s weekly newspaper, Desde la Fe, published an editorial this week faulting the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) as responsible for the attacks on Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera and calling on the powerful political party to express its opinions with respect and not with violence.

The editorial points out that such attacks are part of a series of aggressions at different levels, clearly originating from the Democratic Revolution Party, which has lost is capacity for dialogue and respect.”

During the last year, the article notes, “more than ten violent attacks inside the Cathedral have taken place, an even greater number has taken place outside the church, some have taken place at the Archdiocese, one attack has been directly against the person of Cardinal Rivera Carrera, which was not successful, unproven calumnies have been spread against the Archbishop of Mexico City, as well as constant ridicule of the cardinal in meetings and in the media.”

The article emphasized that the Church respects all political choices and recognizes the right of citizens “to have their own convictions, exhorting the faithful to be consistent with their religious principles at the polling booth.”  It went on to state that the PRD should be first in respect for differing points of view.  “Insults and aggression not only belittle the one who spreads them, they also keep everyone from growing,” the article stated.

“The Church also has a point of view about social questions that does not always coincide with everyone’s proposals, but she is assisted not only by freedom of expression, but also by the duty to publicly speak out on issues that affect the fundamental questions about the person and about society,” the article said.

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