Argentinean professors reject university’s position on abortion


Professors from the University of Buenos Aires have rejected a declaration by the school’s board of directors supporting the legalization of abortion, saying their position goes against the foundations of the university statutes and the country's Constitution.

The professors said the support of the board goes against the university statutes because it does not promote or preserve the culture, it “denotes a lack of a morally upright spirit and a spirit of civic responsibility, and it violates the obligation to be unprejudiced in ideological, political and religious matters.”

They also noted that the country’s Constitution protects both the child and the mother during pregnancy, “and the American Convention on Human Rights establishes that every person has the right to have his or her life respected from the moment of conception and that nobody can be arbitrarily deprived of life.”

“The position of the board is, therefore, clearly unconstitutional and the supposed 'right' being invoked not only lacks legal foundation but is also manifestly criminal,” the professors concluded.

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