Argentinean bishop: What the Nazis did in secret is today made legal

.- During a recent homily, Bishop Luis T. Stockler of Quilmes, Argentina, lamented that “the experiments that were done secretly at the Nazi concentration camps, in the name of the so-called Arian race, are today done out in the open in the name of science and with the consent of lawmakers.”

Referring to the value of human life from the moment of conception, the bishop underscored the heritage that the Judeo-Christian faith passed on to humanity, because “there is no other religion that gives such value to each person.”

During his homily, Bishop Stockler emphasized the fact that humans are not “a mass of organized molecules that disintegrate at death in order to be absorbed into the universal energy to recycle nature’s metabolism.”   

Instead, he said that “The dignity of the human person lies in that we were created in the image and likeness of God and it is for this reason that human life is inviolable.”

“That is the reason why the Church is so inflexible when it comes to defending human life.  It’s not stubbornness, but rather the consequence of our faith,” he added.

“The one who in the name of Jesus Christ believes in the Father as Creator does not put himself in His place in order to intervene in or fabricate human life according to his own view.  Today, genetic engineering dares to manipulate human life and judge it in its prenatal state as undesirable in order to eliminate it,” the bishop stated.

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