Argentinean experts warn of risks associated with legalizing same-sex unions


As the Argentinean Congress prepares to debate two bills that would legalize same-sex unions, the Institute for Marriage and Family of the Catholic University of Argentina warned that these measures would result in “the redefining of marriage and thus the changing of its essence, thus affecting the common good.”

The Institute stated that marriage “is founded on the free, permanent and exclusive bond between one man and one woman.”  They continued, “the human right to be married belongs to all people, but only with regards to marriage contracted between man and woman, as the International Pact on Civil and Political Rights explicitly states.”

After reaffirming that traditional marriage “is an authentic good for society,” the Institute noted that “limiting marriage to the union between man and woman is not unjust discrimination.”

The Institute also warned that the bills would allow homosexuals the chance to adopt children, which would put the interests of adults above those of the child. “Scientific studies show the importance of the presence of father and mother in child rearing,” the organization added.

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