Argentinean politicians reject Health Minister’s bid for congressional sea

.- Representatives of various political parties in Argentina have criticized the congressional candidacy of the country’s Health Minister, Gines Gonzalez Garcia, due to his promotion of the culture of death, support for the widespread distribution of the morning after pill, and the legalization of abortion in the country.

Congresswoman Maria del Carmen Alarcon questioned Garcia’s candidacy saying, “He sees the only solution to poverty and health problems as the legalization of an abortion, a crime so aberrant to Argentina.”

“One of the greatest differences between the members of the current government and many of us is that they are cultivators of death.  Don’t they realize they are always invoking the past, death, and tragedy in order to get more power and look good?” she wondered aloud.

Carlos Traboulsi, a congressional candidate of the Christian Democratic Party, said, “You cannot serve both God and the devil.  He needs to choose at some point.  You cannot be Minister of Health and carry out the greatest policy of genocide in the history of Argentina through abortion, hiding its true harm to women’s health and to the future existence of our country, taking the lives of the defenseless, who are the unborn,” he stated.

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