Baby girl ‘without a pulse’ comes ‘back to life’

Baby girl ‘without a pulse’ comes ‘back to life’


Doctors in Israel are trying to save the life of a baby girl who was mistakenly pronounced dead in the womb of her mother, who was five months pregnant.

The girl’s 26-year-old mother, from a Western Galilee village, had undergone tests which discovered the mother was suffering from internal bleeding. The test results also showed no signs of life from her unborn child, the Jerusalem Post reports. At Nahariya Hospital the baby was removed from the womb without a pulse and was pronounced dead.

The baby girl, who weighed only 1.34 lbs, was then moved to a cooler.

Five hours later the baby’s father came to the hospital to retrieve what he thought was the dead body of his daughter.

The baby began to breathe when she was taken out of the cooler, which doctors believe brought the girl “back to life.”

She was taken to the intensive care ward where doctors were trying to save her life as of Sunday evening.