Biography of saintly 10 year-old Spanish girl republished

Biography of saintly 10 year-old Spanish girl republished

Maria del Pilar "Pilina"
Maria del Pilar "Pilina"

.- Edibesa Publishers has reissued the book “Pilina,” which recounts the life of Maria del Pilar Cimadevilla Lopez-Doriga, a girl from Madrid who become a missionary without ever leaving her home and who could soon be canonized.
The book’s introduction by Archbishop Francisco Perez of Pamplona, director of the Pontifical Missionary Works, recalls that “Pilina was a friend to all because she loved much and she trusted in Jesus. Pilina offered her sufferings for the missions and thus she became a missionary patient.”
According to the author of the biography, Teresa Resusta, Pilina’s favorite magazine was “Queen of the Missions,” which recounted “cases and stories” from mission countries. Pilina never let a day go by without praying the Missionary Rosary.
Alfonso Lopez Quintas, vice postulator of Pilina’s cause of beatification, recommended the book be read by “older kids,” adults who have the “spirit of a child,” and by anyone “who is open without bias to the spiritual life.”
“Pilina” was born in Madrid on February 17, 1952. She was the daughter of Colonel Amaro Cimadevilla and Maria del Rosario Lopez-Doriga.
From an early age she was know for her docility, intelligence and piety. Her First Communion was a major milestone in her life, and she prayed with an attentiveness uncommon for her age. She often visited churches to pray.
At the age of nine she contracted Hodgkin’s disease, an irreversible and painful disease that she accepted with serenity. At the hospital where she was cared for by the Daughters of Charity, she was asked about joining the Union of the Missionary Infirm.  Pilina welcomed the idea and began offering her sufferings for the missions, for the conversion and salvation of souls.
A few days after turning 10, on March 6, 1962, Pilina died in the arms of her mother.
Pilina’s soul matured through her illness and those who knew her were amazed at her heroism in suffering and joy in sacrifice.
In 2004, the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints recognized her as a Servant of God, and her cause of canonization continues to move forward.

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