Bishop denounces violence, urges Mexicans to vote in upcoming election

Bishop denounces violence, urges Mexicans to vote in upcoming election


Bishop Jose Luis Dibildox of Tampico has called on Mexicans to go to the polls on July 4 during the nation's upcoming election. At the same he denounced the violence that has struck several Mexican states, including the murder of the PRI party candidate for governor of Tamaulipas, Rodolfo Torre.

Bishop Dibildox said he would be carrying out his civic duty to vote on Sunday, because “it is an obligation and I must give an example.”

He urged officials ensure safety for voters, noting that some states “pay greater attention to this issue than others, and I think that we are lacking in security here.” Regarding the murder of Torre, the bishop said it was a “very terrible and unacceptable act of violence.”

“I think that in the wake of this incident, the necessary means will be taken so that there is strict vigilance and people can come out to vote. I think the elections will be peaceful,” he said.

Bishop Dibildox also stressed that behind the high incidence of violence lies a values problem. “This is bad for children and young people, who need to be taught to do good and to avoid these kinds of acts,” he said.

The bishop said those who commit such crimes are people who live outside the law and come mainly from low-income families with hardships. “They did not have the chance to receive love, and they have led a very difficult life,” he said.

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