Bishop prays to Lord of the Miracles for Peru to rediscover its Christian roots


During the annual veneration of a statue of the Crucified Christ, known as the Lord of the Miracles, the most popular devotion in Peru, Auxiliary Bishop of Lima, Jose Antonio Eguren, called on the faithful to pray that the country rediscover its Christian roots.

During the celebrations, which took place at the Archbishop of Lima’s residence, Bishop Eguren reminded those in attendance that Christ’s love must lead to repentance from sin, the reception of the Sacrament of Penance, a purpose of amendment and the rejection of evil, injustice and feelings of revenge.  “When one is touched by the love of the Lord, life is transformed and the heart is filled with peace and joy,” he said.

The bishop emphasized that only through the power of God’s love would Peruvians be able to build the country for which they have always wished.

He said Peru needed to discover anew its Christian roots, recognizing that the country “was forged by the fire of Evangelization, its identity is profoundly Catholic, the deepest values of our cultural identity are those of the faith.  Only through our Christian and Catholic faith will it be possible to rebuild that Peru which will all long for, where truth and love reign in our lives,” he added.

The entire month of October is dedicated to the devotion of the Lord of the Miracles.  The famous image has been venerated in the country for 354 years, and each October thousands of Peruvians travel to the country’s capital to participate in the processions and veneration.

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