Bishop reminds Argentineans “man comes from God and is not product of chance”

.- Bishop Andres Stanovnik of Reconquista reminded Argentineans as they celebrate the country’s independence day that “the fundamental truth that makes us free is the grateful recognition that we come from God and we are not the product of chance, or of mere biological evolution, or of some cosmic coincidence.”

According to Bishop Stanovnik, this kind of “degrading thinking about the human person, devoid of any of the cultural and religious values of our nationality, is being spread among us with unusual aggressiveness.  It is a way a of thinking that strips man of his transcendent dimension and thus recycles yet again the age-old pride of the human being, bringing with it suffering, destruction and death.”

The bishop also referred to Pope Benedict XVI’s warning against the widespread relativism that the world is facing, and that an authentic education is not possible without the light of the truth. 

“It is clear, therefore, that we should not only seek to overcome relativism in personal formation, but also resist its dominance in society and in culture,” he stated.

In this sense, Bishop Stanovnik said, “There is no justification for abortion from a human or Christian perspective.  To seek to legalize the direct interruption of a pregnancy is to kill.  This means life ceases to be an absolute value and right for all,” he warned.