Bishops call for dialogue and understanding in task of building up Bolivia


The Bolivian Bishops’ Conference has called on the nation to seek out dialogue and understanding in building up the country and to reject the closed-mindedness that “shies away from the confrontation of different ideas, which is the basis of every mature democracy.”

“Truth and justice prevail because of their own internal strength,” the bishops said. “There ought to be no fear of different ideas.” Such rejection, they noted, “sows a climate of mistrust and fear, which prevents free expression, the building of model of society through consensus and just and peaceful co-existence.”

The Bolivian prelates added that the country’s upcoming independence celebrations should be an opportunity to reflect on the direction the country is taking. “We think it opportune to make this proposal to believers and all upright persons who believe in dialogue and understanding as the means for building a country for all,” they underscored.

The bishops urged Bolivians to overcome partisan and ideological differences to seek out together paths of hope, progress, equality, liberty and justice.

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