Bishops of Argentina reiterate rejection of homosexual 'marriage'

The bishops of the province of Cordoba, Argentina. Credit:
The bishops of the province of Cordoba, Argentina. Credit:

.- The bishops of the province of Cordoba in Argentina have reiterated the Catholic Church’s rejection of changes to the law that would allow same-sex couples to marry and adopt children, saying such unions “lack the biological and anthropological elements proper to marriage and the family. The conjugal dimension and openness to the transmission of life is absent from them.”
Echoing the statements made by the Bishops’ Conference of Argentina from April 20, the Cordoba bishops said, “Public officials have the duty to protect marriage between a man and a woman through law, in order to safeguard and support its irreplaceable role and contribution to the common good of society.”
“Marriage and the family founded upon it provide a home for new human generations. From their conception, children have the inalienable right to develop in the womb of their mothers, to be born and to grow in the natural environment of marriage. In family life and in the relationship with their fathers and mothers, children discover their own identity and achieve personal autonomy.”
The bishops urged lawmakers to take into account these fundamental truths for the good of the country and its future generations as they vote on such a gravely important issue.  They also called on Catholics to offer special prayers on Sunday’s Feast of the Holy Trinity, “that these truths be recognized and protected in our country, and thus that the Lord will bless the future we long for in the context of this Bicentennial with the fullness of his love.”