Bishops issue urgent call to create “conditions for peaceful coexistence” in Oaxaca

.- The bishops of Mexico’s southern region of Oaxaca have called on all sectors of society, from political leaders to average citizens, to establish new “conditions for peaceful coexistence” that will ensure lasting peace through the “improvement of relations at all levels.”

“The challenge for everyone is to urgently create the conditions for peaceful and healthy coexistence; that means that our efforts must be directed toward establishing better relations at various levels: in all of society, in neighborhoods and communities, in families.  Only then will we be able to aspire to a society of greater justice and solidarity,” the bishops said in a statement.

“All social crises,” they noted, “are an expression of the disequilibriums that are experienced by all of society” and which can only be overcome “inasmuch as the profound causes that spawn them are acknowledged and confronted.”

The bishops stressed that all members of society “have a place and a task to carry out for the good of Oaxaca,” but that, “those invested with political, judicial, or professional responsibilities” have an especially important role to play.

They also underscored that next to the family, neighborhoods and local communities are the most important places where socialization takes place.  Thus, “they have an important task in fostering peaceful coexistence.”

Authentic social change is effective and lasting, the bishops continued, “only if it is founded upon a change in personal behavior.  One can never expect others to perform this important task nor can it be delegated to institutions because nobody can change us but ourselves.  Oaxaca urgently needs this collaboration from all families,” they added.

Faithful to her mission, the bishops said, the Church “will continue call on everyone to genuinely seek out reconciliation, justice and peace.  She will also be at the service of all, regardless of social conditions, beliefs or political opinions.”

The statement was signed by Archbishop Jose Luis Chavez Botello of Oaxaca and his auxiliary, Bishop Oscar Campos Contreras.

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