Bishops of Ecuador remain firm on position regarding new Constitution


A spokesman from the Bishops’ Conference of Ecuador said this week that the bishops will not change their position regarding the country’s new Constitution, which will be the subject of a national referendum.  They also explained that the Church is not meddling in politics but rather promoting the defense of human life.

Conference spokesman Father Nicolas Dousdebes said on Ecuadoran television that members of the clergy are not violating the agreement between the Church and the State, and he lamented that the government is “criminalizing” the opinions stated by the bishops.  “We are not forming political parties,” the priest said.

He warned that it has become “criminal” to voice one’s principles in the country, “principles that aim simply to enlighten the consciences of persons according to the faith. I’m a person governed by more profound principles rather than by superficial ones,” Father Dousdebes stated.

Several days ago the bishops reaffirmed their position that the new Constitution attacks fundamental principles of the Catholic faith.

Father Dousdebes also recalled that the Church has the competence to address issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage.  “Since some of the articles touch upon moral issues, it is incumbent upon the Church to respond. If they were economic issues, we wouldn’t have anything to say.  It’s not just a choice, it’s an obligation for us to provide guiding principles,” he added.