Bishops of Mexico condemn anti-family laws

Bishops of Mexico condemn anti-family laws


In a statement this week, the bishops of Mexico reiterated their condemnation of all laws attacking the family and marriage between one man and one woman.  The prelates emphasized that natural law must always be respected and that the Christian faith is not an obstacle to freedom or science.

The bishops recalled the recent words of Pope Benedict XVI to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: “The natural law does not exclusively or predominantly belong to one confession, although Christian revelation and the fulfillment of man in the ministry of Christ illuminates it and develops its doctrine in fullness.”

Reiterating their condemnation of the recently passed law on same-sex unions in Mexico City, the bishops said the moral life is “founded upon human nature itself and is accessible to every rational creature.”  They also noted that it “thus constitutes the basis for entering into dialogue with all men who seek the truth and, in general, with civil and secular society.”

This norm touches one of the essential aspects of law and calls into question the consciences and responsibility of lawmakers, the bishops said.