Boston Archbishop to sell residence

Boston Archbishop to sell residence


The Archdiocese of Boston officially announced on Wednesday that it is about to sell the Archbishop's grand residence located in the upscale Bostonian neighborhood of Brighton.

Last summer, the recently appointed Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley decided to leave the residence where Boston's Catholic Church leaders have lived for 75 years and move into a small rectory behind the city's cathedral.
On Wednesday, Fr. Christopher Coyne, spokesman for the Archdiocese, announced Archbishop O'Malley's decision.

“The Archbishop had said that in order to pay for the settlement he would not use any present parish assets, or money from the Catholic Appeal or from the capital campaign,” said Father Coyne.
”That left him very few assets to use, and the only big one that was left was the residence. He did what needed to be done.”

The residence is located within the premises of a 60-acre property that includes St. John's Seminary and the chancery buildings.

Some 28 acres would be put up for sale, including the residence, other facilities and fields around the residence.

In the recent past, Boston College, which is located across the street from the residence, expressed its interest in acquiring the property.

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