California same-sex ‘marriage’ proponents conflicted over future plans

Ron Prentice, Executive Director of
Ron Prentice, Executive Director of


Backers of California’s Proposition 8 have said that same-sex “marriage” proponents are in “ongoing conflict” about their plans to try to repeal the state ballot measure which restored the definition of marriage. One homosexual advocacy group has admitted that voters’ support for redefining marriage is now “stagnant.”

On Wednesday a group called Courage Campaign announced they will still pursue a constitutional amendment to instate same-sex “marriage” in 2010, while the group Equality California has said it will pursue such a measure in 2012.

Courage Campaign Chairman Rick Jacobs told the Los Angeles Times that much of its growth took place after the passage of Proposition 8.

“Our members have been adamant,” he said.

Meanwhile, Equality California’s political analysis found that most of the group’s top 100 donors to its campaign against Proposition 8 would be reluctant or unwilling to participate in a 2010 campaign. They estimate a successful campaign would need between $30 million and $50 million in funding.

The group’s analysis, published on its web site, noted the “sobering points” that support for same-sex “marriage” is stagnant in the state and that there was no “buyers’ remorse” about the outcome of the election.

“So many of us had hoped beyond hope that or rallies, demonstrations and expressions of sadness and anger would have caused voters who voted yes to change their position. That is not the case,” Equality California said.

The group recommended more local organization and sharing the stories of “married” same-sex couples and their friends and family members. It advocated knocking on 40,000 doors in neighborhoods where Proposition 8 was successful and also recruiting 100,000 “Equality Advocates” to speak with more than 300,000 Californians.

Equality California’s analysis said the group has met with LGBT leaders in “communities of color” to determine how to appeal to minority voters, who often strongly supported Proposition 8. The group also met with allied clergy, political consultants and LGBT organizations that “work with youth and in schools.”

The analysis also noted that the majority of younger voters opposed Proposition 8. Equality California also predicted that supporters of the traditional definition of marriage will die off and that younger voters will not change their opinion on same-sex "marriage."

Ron Prentice, Executive Director of Proposition 8 backer, said the differences between the Courage Campaign and Equality California shows that the latter group does not speak for a unified movement. He characterized its decision to postpone its proposal until 2012 as a “crass political decision.” He reported that the Courage Campaign’s move has forced Equality California to pledge support for the 2010 measure if it qualifies for the ballot.

Even in a 2012 vote, Prentice predicted, “they will lose then just as surely as they would in 2010 or any other year. The people have spoken twice on this issue, both times reaffirming traditional marriage.  If asked to do so, they will indeed vote again to protect traditional marriage.”

“The pro-gay marriage advocates had all the advantages they could ever hope for in 2008, including a misleading ballot title and summary, the sympathetic (and ultimately proven to be false) claim that a vote for Prop. 8 would be a vote to ‘divorce 18,000 couples,’ the benefit of asking for a ‘no’ vote, and a very favorable electorate driven by the historic election of Barack Obama as President. They will never have these advantages again,” he said.

He predicted they will fail because “the people are not with them,” saying most public polling shows that support for same-sex “marriage” has peaked and retracted significantly from its highest point.

Prentice said that is working “aggressively” to educate the public about the “very vital role” that marriage plays in society.

“While the other side issues many press releases about their activity, we are quietly but effectively building on our majority in California,” he said.

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