Cardinal Cordes encourages young people to embrace 'vocation' to politics

Cardinal Cordes encourages young people to embrace 'vocation' to politics


The president of the Pontifical Council “Cor Unum,” Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes, called on young people this week to embrace the vocation to politics and work for the good of all persons, despite the risk it entails.

During the presentation of the 11th Congress on Catholics and Public Life, the cardinal said that a difference exists between seeing politics as a vocation and as a career.  “If I participate in politics according to the world, I cannot speak of vocation; something else needs to be added, there needs to be sensitivity for the good of man,” he said.

“The vocation to politics entails great risk,” the cardinal continued.  “As Max Weber said, it has demons that are stronger than those of ordinary life. But if nobody engages this risk, woe to us!”

According to the Spanish daily, “La Razon,” the cardinal also invited young people to “conquer the hearts of politicians, who are often fearful of being identified with a church group.”  He said they need to feel they are not alone in the struggle for the common good.

Cardinal Cordes also invited the youth to discern whether or not they have a vocation to politics, because “we need minds that are moved by the good of man and the will of God.”  “This dimension is so important that we need to pray that the young people of today understand it.  If you see a young person who has the capacity and the interest to embrace it, don’t stop him.  Encourage him and help him to meet other politicians who have a positive vision,” the cardinal said.

Later the cardinal referred to the March for Life that took place on October 17 in Madrid and said it was an example of a “political commitment to life and the family” that he hopes will spread to Germany and the rest of the continent, “so that Europe does not miss the time of her salvation.”

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