Cardinal Terrazas slams Bolivian politicians for 'stepping on others'


During Mass this week, Cardinal Julio Terrazas of Santa Cruz, president of the Bishops’ Conference of Bolivia, warned those in government against abusing their power and said leaders should foster “freedom and peace” amidst the crisis the nation is experiencing.
During his homily at a Mass in Cochabamba, the cardinal said Bolivians need humility to accept one another and the capacity to form a nation with real integration. 

“We do not agree with people who step on others from their thrones.  We must say with Mary that the mighty will be cast down from their thrones, because God’s throne has done great things in simplicity and in humbly accepting others,” the cardinal said.
Cardinal Terrazas urged Bolivians to “reach out to the afflicted, to those caught up in their errors, vices and drugs and offer them a life centered solely on freedom and peace.  We must feel that we are capable of forming a nation that fills us with pride,” he said.

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