Catholic Church and Christian groups support veto of abortion law in Uruguay

Catholic Church and Christian groups support veto of abortion law in Uruguay


The Catholic Church in Uruguay, together with seven Christian groups, has sent a letter to the country’s president, Tabare Vazquez, expressing support for the veto of a new law that would legalize abortion in Uruguay.

In the letter, the Christian leaders said, “The so-called ‘reproductive health law’ would not only be unconstitutional but would also contradict the un-renounceable ethical principle of the defense of life.”

After pointing out that “the true wellbeing of the mother cannot be protected without protecting that of her child as well, or vice versa,” the leaders proposed an alternative:  “a law protecting pregnant women.”  They said that the penalty imposed on women for undergoing an abortion should be minimal, “as she is deprived of a fundamental aspect of free will,” and that heavy punishments should be imposed on those who “directly or indirectly collaborate in an abortion or who sell abortifacient products.”

They also called for more support centers for pregnant women that are led by professionals who can provide women with the help they need to carry their babies to term.

The proposal addresses adoption reform as well, calling for a more streamlined process, since “there are many stable families that are willing and able to welcome children into their home.” The Christian leaders also voiced support for international adopt-a-child programs, whereby financial aid is coordinated through charitable organizations and parents receive the assistance they need to be able to raise their children.

The letter was signed by representatives of the Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Anglican, Armenian Apostolic, Baptist and Pentecostal churches, among others.

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