Catholic lawyers in Mexico join together in defense of life

.- The College of Catholic Lawyers in Mexico City announced this week it would begin a series of efforts in defense of life as the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City prepares to approve an ordinance that would legalize abortion up to the 12th week of pregnancy.

During a press conference, Armando Martinez, spokesman for the College, spoke about the measure currently being debated by the Assembly and emphasized the need “for the ethics of respect for life, the dignity of man and the rights of present and future generations to prevail in the country.”

“We are going to mobilize Catholics and people of all faiths to take to the streets to defend life.  We are going to protest in favor of life, not in favor of the culture of death that some want to promote now.  If we have not made them understand through political negotiations, we hope to make them understand on the streets,” Martinez said.

During his Sunday homily, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera of Mexico City underscored the great responsibility of those who legislate in favor of or against human life, and he prayed that respect for the dignity of man and the rights of future generations would prevail.

Currently abortion is allowed in the Mexican capital in cases of rape, life of the mother or fetal deformation.  The new measure would allow women to have an abortion if they felt the pregnancy would cause serious inconvenience.

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