Catholic pizza billionaire backs Romney

Catholic pizza billionaire backs Romney


Tom Monaghan, the Catholic philanthropist who made his fortune in Domino’s Pizza, has endorsed former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney in his campaign to become the Republican candidate for president.

"It is an honor for me to endorse Governor Mitt Romney for President,” Monaghan said. “He is a proven leader and has demonstrated his effectiveness in multiple arenas - in his successful business ventures, the running of the Olympics and in politics. I had first hand experience of Mitt's effectiveness and expertise during the sale of Domino's Pizza to Bain Capital."

"Most importantly,” he continued, “Governor Romney is a man of principle. As someone who values the importance of faith in one's life, I recognize in Mitt his deep religious convictions which will serve him well in facing the critical moral issues facing our society. I believe he will stand firm on the pro-life issues and for the traditional family values that our country was founded on and which are so critical to the future of our nation."

Monaghan is chairman of the Ave Maria Foundation, which he founded in 1983.  A former owner of the Detroit Tigers, Monaghan now works in non-profit endeavors.  In 1998 he founded the Ave Maria Institute, which later became Ave Maria College, a liberal arts college that preceded Ave Maria University.  Monaghan is the present chancellor of the university.

Governor Romney responded to Monaghan’s endorsement, saying, "Having known Tom since 1998, I am proud to have his support in this critical election. As a successful businessman, he has also been a strong supporter of conservative causes across the country. His philanthropic work has touched the lives of millions."