Catholic support crucial to repeal of Maine same-sex 'marriage' law

Catholic support crucial to repeal of Maine same-sex 'marriage' law

Frank Schubert, director of the Stand for Marriage Maine campaign
Frank Schubert, director of the Stand for Marriage Maine campaign


In midterm elections on Tuesday the voters of Maine repealed a law that legalized same-sex “marriage.” Scott Fish, Communications Director of Stand for Marriage Maine, told CNA that Catholic support was “very crucial” to the outcome.

“The Yes on 1 campaign,” Fish said, “had much support from Catholics statewide, working hand-in-hand with Evangelical churches throughout Maine, as well as other denominations.”

Despite a 3-to-1 deficit in fundraising, Fish said that “with 95 percent of precincts reporting, 52.90 percent voted yes on Question 1 and 47.10 percent voted no.”  According to Fish, this means that “marriage in Maine law remains the union of one woman and one man.”

The vote in Maine reflects a nationwide trend, with voters rejecting the redefinition of marriage in 31 states.

Yesterday's vote was the result of Mainers exercising the People's Veto after the state legislature passed a bill recognizing same-sex “marriage” earlier this year and Gov. John Baldacci signed it into law in May.

The People's Veto ran on yesterday's ballot as Question 1, which read, "Do you want to reject the new law that lets same-sex couples marry and allows individuals and religious groups to refuse to perform these marriages?" 

In a statement on the results of Question 1, Bishop Malone of the Diocese of Portland, Maine said he wanted “to thank the people of Maine for protecting and reaffirming their support for marriage as it has been understood for millenia by civilizations and religions around the world,” and that he is “thankful for those who engaged in sincere and civil discourse on the matter of such serious consequence to our society.”

Bishop Malone also stated that “respect and acceptance of all people regardless of sexual orientation is not a point of controversy – indeed, it is a teaching of the Church.”

Drawing his statement to a close Bishop Malone said, “while the Catholic Church will continue its commitment to work for the basic human rights to which all people are entitled, it remains devoted to preserving and strengthening the precious gift of marriage.” 

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