Catholics launch blog to share faith experiences in Cuba


The Cuban bishops’ conference has announced the launch of a new blog which provides a place for Catholics to “enrich their experience of God” through the internet.


The new blog at is written by Sergio Cobarrouy from the city of Sagua la Grande and is sponsored by the Online Network of the Catholic Church in Cuba.


Cobarrouy explained that the new blog will be a place “for those who wish to enrich their experience of God and contribute to the experiences of others.”  He added that he hopes it will provide a forum enriched by the testimony of the lives of faith of Cubans, their longings, doubts, certainties, pains, joys and hopes.” 


“This is a place for proposing rather than for lamenting, a place for speaking and listening, a place to contribute to preparing the way of the Lord in the hearts of those who visit it.  May God help us!” Cobarrouy said.


He further explained that the website will give Cubans and others a place to express their opinions and be able to dialogue, “but always with respect for persons and renouncing any partisan politics.  Contributions and commentaries will be published if they are in keeping with these guidelines,” he added. 

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