Chilean senate to vote on bill that would legalize homosexual unions


The organization Muevete Chile has launched a campaign to persuade the Chilean Senate not to approve an anti-discrimination bill that would open the door to homosexual unions.

According to the organization, on Wednesday, September 5, “the Senate will vote on an anti-discrimination bill that would approve and take the step of promoting homosexual conduct.”  Although the bill supposedly would protect against “arbitrary discrimination,” it would punish those who oppose homosexual tendencies with legal and economic sanctions.

Muevete Chile said the homosexual lobby, and not Chilean voters, is pushing for the bill.  “The rejection of this bill should in no circumstance mean that homosexual men and women should not be treated with respect and care, but rather on the contrary, they should be treated with the greatest respect possible because of the inherent and inalienable dignity that each human being possesses, thus avoiding any sign of unjust discrimination,” the group said.

“Respect for homosexual persons can in no way be considered approval of homosexual behavior or of the legalization of homosexual unions,” it stressed.  “To legally recognize homosexual unions, would mean to approve this behavior and turn it into a model for today’s society.”

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