Cuban dissidents indignant over government support for Gaddaffi


The coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement, Oswald Paya, stated March 8 that Cubans are furious with the communist government's justification of  Muammar Gaddaffi’s crackdown on the people of Libya. Paya emphasized that those in Libya “have the right to stand up and demand a better life.”

Paya told Radio Marti that Gaddaffi ordered the killing of Libyans who took to the streets to demand freedom and rights. Paya rejected the justifications for the crackdown offered by Venezuela and Iran and said the actions by the Libyan dictator must be condemned by all.

Dictatorships “are not of the left or the right, they are just dictatorships that take away the rights of the people,” he added. 

The Libyan people aspire to live in a nation governed by the rule of law, democracy and freedom, Paya said.

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