Dr. Dobson to Catholic leaders: don’t give up on fight for family
Legauts Fall Summit

Dr. Dobson to Catholic leaders: don’t give up on fight for family


Dr. James Dobson, President of “Focus on the Family,” called on the more than 500 Catholic leaders gathered in Colorado Springs for the Legatus Fall Summit, not to give up in the fight for the sanctity of marriage and the family.


During a speech delivered on Friday morning at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Dr. Dobson described how marriage, as the life long union between one man and one woman, is being culturally and legally challenged across the United States, and said that “the country will tip one way or the other (in favor or against the sanctity of marriage) in the next five years.”


“At 71, the idea of retiring seems attractive to me, but I am being called by God to keep fighting,” Dobson said.


“So that is what I am asking you to do today: don’t give up in the fight for the sanctity of marriage, use your multiple resources to defend and promote the true biblical meaning of marriage and family,” he told the members of Legatus.


Explaining that the defense of marriage brings conflict, and even the difficulties of “hate and name-calling,” the founder and President of Focus on the Family compared it with working in a farm field all day long under the sun or in the midst of thunderstorms.

“Stay in the field, don’t go back to the house, stay under the sun working hard, don’t look now for the comfort of the shadow.”


The Legatus summit, which concluded Saturday evening, included speakers such as Cardinal Francis Arinze, Cardinal Francis Stafford, Archbishop Charles Chaput, Dr. Matt Daniels and Austin Ruse, among others.


Legatus is a network of Catholic business leaders that helps develop its members by providing spiritual formation, peer support and networking opportunities. Currently, Legatus serves over 1,800 businesses and has 60 chapters.


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