Elimination of child credits for most of families in Madrid is step backwards


The president of the Institute for Family Policy in Madrid, Mariano Martinez Aedo, said last week the elimination of child credits for most families in the Spanish capital is a step backwards and the breaking of a campaign promise by the president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre.

“The Community of Madrid has begun a going backwards with regards to assistance for families,” Martinez said, in reference to a new proposal that would eliminate the credit families receive for the birth of every child.

Martinez criticized the Aguirre administration for including little aid for families in its budget, calling the mere 0.01% of the budget set aside for family assistance “truly ridiculous.”

He pointed out that the recent cutbacks in the credits, that will now only be given to large families or families in financial need, are a violation of the campaign promise made by Aguirre to increase the credit from 100 to 300 euros ($130--$390).

Martinez said the Institute is calling on Aguirre to implement policies that truly help the family.  “This is not only an essential duty for public administrations,” he stated, “it is politically crucial in these times of crisis, to help Madrid families overcome them.”

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