Evangelical detained for distributing Biblical passages that condemn homosexuality

.- The national director the Evangelical organization Christian Voice, Stephen Green, was detained recently and charged with “threatening, abusive or insulting behavior” after allegedly refusing to stop handing out pamphlets with Biblical passages condemning homosexuality to people arriving at a gay "Mardi Gras" celebration.

The leaflets he was handing out were entitled "Same-sex love, same-sex sex: What does the Bible say?"

Police officials admitted the Evangelical leader had been detained for distributing the pamphlets which they said angered the Minority Support Unit of Wales.

Green said he was “astonished that South Wales Police have a special unit dedicated to silencing those who disagree with homosexuality” and he questioned the ties between the police and homosexual groups.  Green, who has no past history of bad conduct or violent or aggressive behavior, was interrogated extensively by police and finally detained in jail.

Evangelical church leaders have condemned his detention as “an attack on freedom of expression and freedom of religion.”  Green will remain behind bars until a court hearing on September 28.

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