EWTN to release interview: Mel Gibson explains life after “The Passion”

EWTN to release interview:  Mel Gibson explains life after “The Passion”


EWTN announced this Friday that Actor and Academy Award-winning director and producer Mel Gibson sat down with Raymond Arroyo this week to talk about the aftermaths of “The Passion of the Christ” on the eve August 31st DVD and video release.

The first time Gibson spoke with EWTN’s Arroyo was in Rome during the film's shooting.  The second time was shortly before the film's release and this week's interview was on the occasion of the film's home video release.

During the interview, Gibson discussed the film and its impact on his life, his faith, and the culture.

Arroyo asked, "Was making this film a walk of faith for you?"  Gibson replied,

“Well, win or lose, what was the worst downside?  It wouldn't work?  I was prepared for that to happen, so we just kind of kept forging ahead.  I had an idea that it would be all right.”

Arroyo asked Gibson “The pain was necessary for the success of this film? The personal pain you went through watching your name dragged through the press, watching your family dragged through the press?” 

Gibson replied, “Yeah, I think probably.  You know, you don't trade anything in.  Even bad experiences, in retrospect, are sort of good.”

Gibson was asked to comment on what the film's level of success and worldwide embracing of this film has meant for him personally.  He said, “I felt like I did something good and the effects have been those that I hoped would be there.  This film was about faith, hope, love and forgiveness.”

“These have been the by-products,” Gibson continued. “Despite a lot of people who said the film was going to cause violence, first in the US and then in Europe.  I don't know, but it hasn't happened.”

Arroyo asked, “What is the long-term cultural impact of the film, for the viewer, for the audience?”  Gibson replied, “I think it's a very vivid reminder of what many people profess and just draw focus on.  It may have lasting effects because if you feed anything in, it's going to stay there in some form.”

Raymond commented that the DVD release will mean that everyone will be able to take the movie into their homes, where there is an intimacy that you don't have in the theatre.

Gibson responded, “It's pretty hard material.  It's hard to watch.  It's an 'R' rated film and I think some people may have been too young to see it.  Now you will be able to have parents who can supervise it and talk about it and judge whether or not they show it to them.  Some people wanted it to be a private experience and not a shared public experience with popcorn.  Not that I think anybody ate much popcorn during this.”

The program will air on EWTN Global Catholic Network on Friday, August 27th at 8:00 p.m. –Central time- on television, radio and the Internet (www.ewtn.com).

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