Ex-gays deserve a seat at Republican table, leader says

Ex-gays deserve a seat at Republican table, leader says

RNC Chairman Michael Steele.
RNC Chairman Michael Steele.


Citing the inattention of the Republican leadership and a recent GOP spending scandal involving an erotic night club, a leader of an ex-gay group has called for the Republican Party to allow ex-gays “a place at the table.”

Greg Quinlan of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX), said on Tuesday that Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, has “consistently refused to meet with members of the ex-gay community.”

“The RNC would rather use donor funds for its staff to watch lesbian erotica at nightclubs than help support individuals who wish to leave homosexuality,” claimed Quinlan.

The Daily Caller has reported that an RNC staffer helped organize a visit to a Hollywood, California sex club for several members of the GOP “Young Eagles” group. He billed the RNC almost $2,000 for the visit to the club, where women perform lewd acts on each other.

RNC chief of staff Ken McKay said the unnamed staffer responsible for the trip had been warned that such activities do not qualify for reimbursement and was fired, according to the Daily Caller.

PFOX’s Quinlan also voiced concern about RNC chair Steele’s comments to Gentleman’s Quarterly magazine last year. There, he compared being homosexual to being black and was quoted as doubting that ex-gays exist.

PFOX said it offered to meet with Steele on numerous occasions to explain the process of individual change. Steele has declined any meetings with ex-gays, including African-American former homosexuals.

Ex-gays have met with Ed Gillespie, one of Steele’s predecessors.

"It's no wonder the RNC continues to lose factions of its members, such as Tea Party conservatives," said Christopher Doyle, a former homosexual and PFOX board member. "Michael Steele would be better off if he extended ex-gays a place at the table.”

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