Expert says Peres brings hope for inclusion of Fundamental Accord in Israeli laws


Franciscan priest and expert in Vatican foreign relations, Father David Jaeger, said this week there is new hope that with the recently elected President of Israel, Shimon Peres, the Fundamental Accord signed with the Holy See will be incorporated into Israeli law.

“It’s important to remember that Peres was Minister of Foreign Relations when the Fundamental Accord was signed between the Holy See and Israel and when diplomatic relations between the two sides were established,” Father Jaeger said.  “Thus one can legitimately hope that, at least for security reasons, the new President will do everything he can to include the historic agreement in Israeli legislation,” he added.

According to Father Jaeger, “The designation of this 84 year-old man and evident properness of the election of this man show the senselessness of the offenses that have existed here and there, even by people of great qualities and merit, in relation to their age.” Some wrongly believe that "old age in itself deprive[s] authority from those who have received from providence the grace of living such a long life, in order to carry out tasks of great responsibility.  In the Bible we can see many examples of this,” he said.

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