Expert warns that upcoming summit on young people is anti-life and anti-family

Expert warns that upcoming summit on young people is anti-life and anti-family


A group of pro-life and pro-family experts has warned that the upcoming summit “Youth and Development,” which will be held in El Salvador in October, will promote so-called “sexual and reproductive rights,” contraception, gender ideology, abortion, and a frontal attack on the family and the rights of parents to educate their children according to their convictions.

In an article entitled, “A Latin American summit to create “empty men’,” Raul Espinoza Aguilera of Mexico explained that the October 29 summit will bring together the presidents of Latin America.  He warned that the preparatory document encourages Latin American countries to import Spain’s controversial “Citizen Education” course which aims to “replace parental authority” with the state’s ideology.

Likewise, he stressed, the summit will promote “reproductive sexual health” and “gender ideology, that is, abortion, abortifacient pills, homosexuality, sterilizations and other artificial methods of birth control.  The entire context of this document is intended to have diverse international organizations impose anti-life tactics on Latin America, in a sort of new ‘colonialism’ of ideological subjugation of the so-called Third World countries by rich countries.”  “Only now the idea is that the leaders of the continent sign a document that officially endorses such policies,” Aguilera warned.

He went on to note that the preparatory document shows particularly scorn for women and maternity and does not take into account that “the fullness of womanhood is experienced in being a mother, and that they have an irreplaceable role that no social institution can replace: that of educating the women and men of today’s society and that of tomorrow. Without the educational role of parents, children and young people would not have an adequate formation,” Aguilera stressed.

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