Ex-priest invited pro-abortionists to participate in “pro-life” video

Ex-priest invited pro-abortionists to participate in “pro-life” video


Fr. Luiz Carlos Lodi Da Cruz, president of the Pro-Life Group of Anapolis in Brazil, revealed this week that the Latin American version of “Catholics for a Free Choice”, called Católicas Pelo Direito di Decidir or CDD, participated in a video that was supposed to be pro-life but ended up promoting abortion. Nelsy Tyski, an ex-priest who works for the company that produced the video, was responsible for getting the group involved.

The Conference of Catholic Bishops of Brazil has ordered the video be removed from all Catholic bookstores and that a new edition be produced without the involvement of CDD.  Father Lodi explained that while CDD “could have infiltrated the project in order to be in the video, the story is actually something different. It wasn’t necessary for them to ask to be involved. They were invited.  By who? By Mr. Nelson Tyski, who left the priesthood and now works at Verbo Films (the producer of the video).”

Father Lodi pointed to a discussion group on Yahoo where messages were posted by members of CDD confirming that they were invited to participate in the recording of the video.  Those who were filmed criticized the Church for not accepting contraception and defended public hospitals for supporting abortion in order to preserve ‘the lives of women’.”

The Brazilian pro-life priest warned that pro-abortion forces are at work within the Church in that country, noting that the producer of the video, Verbo Films, was founded in 1979 by the Congregation of the Divine Word.  He said intervention by the Brazilian bishops was “necessary and urgent,” as religious entities are involved in the project: the Congregation of the Divine Word and the Carmelites, who are renting property to CDD.