Faith is indispensable for rebuilding Spain and Europe, cardinal says


During a Mass celebrated in the Mozarabic rite at the Cathedral of Toledo to mark the 1,400 anniversary of the birth of St. Ildephonsus, once a bishop of that city, Cardinal Antonio Canizares said Europe and Spain need to be rebuilt upon the values of the Christian faith. 

During his homily, Cardinal Canizares said St. Ildephonsus was an example for the reform and spiritual renewal so needed in 8th century Spain.

“Today as well, our society, Europe, Spain and Toledo itself needs a rebuilding that demands wisdom and spiritual profundity,” the cardinal said.  “Christians cannot be absent nor omit our service to this new society,” he added.

Today’s Christian, he underscored, should bear witness to the fact that man is made for truth and for good and should carry out concrete acts of solidarity.  The need for Christians to contribute to the rebuilding of Europe and Spain does not mean, as some fear, the restoration of the past, but rather contributing these goods in the context of democratic freedoms to social, cultural and human life, promoting those social values that derive from the Gospel.”

“Today in Europe it is urgent that we speak about the social and humanizing value of the faith, so as to awaken the public conscience,” the cardinal said, “in order that there be a recognition of the need for moral renewal, conversion and liberation from the materialistic and hedonistic life that is leading us down a demographic dead-end road.

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